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Flexi Underwire Nursing Bras

enjoy all the perks of a nursing bra with a shape and support that’s as close as you’ll get to your pre-pregnancy bras with flexible wire bras that provide great shape without the discomfort…

projectme flexi-wire nursing range

projectme is redefining the nursing bra with flexi-wire technology that is designed to gently move and flex with you for the ultimate in comfort and support including larger d-g cup sizes. Break the rules, defy the norms, and stand out unapologetically with flexi underwire bras that never sacrifice style or function. Wearing a flexi-wire during pregnancy or nursing is safe for most women, however we recommend that you shouldn’t wear a wire on days when ‘you’ feel like your breasts are changing in size or if they’re highly sensitive to blockages.

why projectme flexi underwire?

our line of flexi-underwire bras provide style, comfort, and functionality for a generation that understands you don’t have to sacrifice one to have the other. Feminine lace and plunging necklines inspire mothers to stay true to themselves and have confidence as a mother and as a strong, ambitious woman. The added functionality of magnetic nursing clips allows cups to drop down for easy breastfeeding or pumping which snap back gently and easily with one hand. Soft cotton cups and multiple hook and eyes also allow for easy adjustments so your bra can grow with you and shrink back once the baby is born.

finding the right bra fit

if your standard bra no longer provides the right support or comfort, it’s time to ditch it for a maternity or nursing bra. Finding the perfect bra fit is difficult enough, but it may seem impossible while you’re pregnant. Our flexi-wire bras make choosing a nursing bra easy, providing support and comfort for all sizes including d-g cups. It is important to select a bra that sits flat across your back and under your bust, not riding upwards and that isn’t too tight, as this can reduce milk flow and the production of milk. Every woman is different, so you may find that you need to increase your cup and band size 3-4 times during the course of your pregnancy.

Visit our Fit Me page and FAQs to check if you have the right size.