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Hues to live everyday for

Hues to live everyday for

Inspired by the warm hues of coffee in the morning to the smoky eyes of a night out with friends, our latest warrior arrivals are the epitome of owning motherhood!

Warrior Plunge Shell Caramel is everything you need in a nursing bra. The low plunge neckline makes wearing your favourite loose fit tee effortless with a perfect fit every time. The neutral lace paired with warm caramel lining and black strap detailing adds a touch of contrast to liven up what would otherwise be a traditional nude bra. The single side sling feeding frame means that moment is made all the more precious with loving skin to skin contact.

Warrior Shell Caramel

Warrior Balconette Cocoa Caramel is for the bold and brave. A daring style with soft cocoa strap detail designed to show. Let’s not hideaway such awesome features. Let it peek from your favourite singlet and let it become an accessory to your everyday style! The warm cocoa colour of this balconette bra is so easy to wear under lights or darks. A style to embrace in the winter and the summer.

Warrior balconette cocoa caramel

Rose gold magnetic hardware is the perfect embellishment, adding class and style to breastfeeding the way it should be. Breastfeeding doesn’t need to be boring. Embrace this incredible moment in your life and rock life like you did back in your teens. Life is all about living. Be Bold, Be adventurous and stand out from the norm.




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